Tuesday, 29 January 2013

January 6, 2013

We wanted to fill in the gap in time, since we stopped on November 1st to our return to Titusville on January 6, 2013.  

Staying in Titusville gave us a mailing address that allowed us to order a new raw water pump.  The rear seal leaking on the raw water pump has been our only major equipment failure.  The easy availability of parts down here has been great, 2 days after ordering it the new pump arrived and took about 15 minutes to install.  

With the boat fixed, we decided on a date to return to Canada.  There was a Titan rocket launch scheduled for Nov. 17th.  Our slip would have provided a spectacular view of the launch.  Our hope was to stay until after this, and still get a flight before the U.S. Thanksgiving rush.  However, the launch was postponed after we bought our tickets.   

The rest of our time, we used to visit the local attractions.  We saw many different species of birds at the Merritt Island Wildlife Refuge.  Although expensive and Disney-like, the Kennedy Space Center was very interesting.  The beach at the Canaveral National Seashore was miles long and the water was warm enough for swimming, if you were from Canada.  

November 19th we flew back to Buffalo, New York and then home to Port Elgin.   We were home just  long enough to have to put the snow tires on both vehicles and get the snow shovels out.  Winter is hard to take when you miss the fall.  We saw family and many friends and spent Christmas in the Niagara area. 

While we were home we purchased a Spot Satellite GPS Messenger that will allow us to let family know we are ok in areas where there is either poor, or no cell phone coverage.  The added feature with Spot is that when we are moving, we are going to be able to show our track on the map on our Blog.  
On Jan. 6th we went back to Buffalo, NY and flew via Atlanta, Georgia to Orlando, Fl.  and shuttle bus back to Titusville.

Kennedy Space Center
The rockets that they sent men into to space were not very big

Merrit Island Wildlife Refuge
Lots of different birds

Cape Canaveral National Seashore
Water was warm enough for Canadians

A Titusville neighbour stopping by for a drink

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