Tuesday, 29 January 2013

January 13, 2013

Our first morning back in Titusville, we started re-stocking the boat.  To do this we had to catch the bus to the grocery store.  Dave checked the price of the tickets with Jimmy, the bus driver and he declared that it would only cost us $.60 each instead of the $1.25 each, we had paid before Christmas as we were now SENIORS.  We thought this was kind of funny until we stopped for a tea and coffee the next morning at the Burger King, and the price at the till didn’t match the price on the wall.  When we asked about the price, we were told that was the SENIORS price.  I guess it must be official. It is not to hard to take with half price bus tickets and half price tea and coffee.  

Our canvas top did not get done while we were away, but since we have been back, Bob the canvas guy, who lives on our dock, has been here everyday measuring and fitting the new piece.  Bob and his wife Evie, own a business called the Dock Dude, besides for doing canvass work they also sell used boat parts.          A really neat store to explore if you are looking for boating bargains.  We found a set of SCUBA gear at a really good price.

Most of the rest of our week was spent fixing all the little things that need looking at on any boat.  On Friday we rented a car for the weekend to finish off the odds and ends that were still left.  What a treat to be able to go some place  not on a bus route.  The buses have been good down here but a trip to Walmart and back took us 5 1/2 hours , it really slows down the restocking process.

Sunday was our last day in Titusville before starting south again and it was busy.  Early in the morning Bob came and did the final installation of our sun awning.  It is going to make a huge difference in our comfort heading south.  We are very pleased with it.  

We had postponed any visits with friends due to us both having colds when we arrived back to the boat.  So Sunday was our last opportunity to get together with friends in the area.  Gaetane and Jerry, friends from Port Elgin, arrived around noon and we went out for lunch at the Dixie Crossroads Restaurant, famous for their Rock Shrimp.  Later in the afternoon Ron and Mary, friends from Glammis, who have a winter home in Titusville, came for a visit.  We went out for supper with them to the Dixie Crossroads Restaurant - Dave can’t get enough of their Rock Shrimp!  We have met a lot of nice people on our trip south, but it is a real treat to meet up and visit with friends when you are almost 2000 miles from home! 

Dixie Crossroads Restaurant
Great shrimp and Dave got a belly full

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