Tuesday, 29 January 2013

January 20, 2013

Monday morning we said our good-byes to our friends we made on the dock and started heading south again.  The day started out nice and calm flat water, and we were able to travel 36 miles.  We arrived at Indian Harbor Beach anchorage, formerly known as Dragon’s Point, until the statue of the dragon fell down.  

The next morning we raised the anchor and headed 38 miles south to Vero Beach.  Vero Beach Municipal Marina is a very popular stop, some of the guide books refer to it as “Velcro Beach”.  There are very few docks available, but most people take a mooring ball.  It gets so crowded that the boats can be rafted together 2 to 3 boats to a mooring ball.  Fortunately, we had our own ball.  We had planned on staying 2 days, but a cold front was forecasted to come in, with wind gusts to gale force.  So we ended up staying 5 nights.  This enabled us to take advantage of their free bus service to explore the area down by the beach and go to a large grocery store for supplies.  Thursday afternoon the cruisers held a get-together at a picnic shelter at the marina and we met other boaters.  It was interesting to hear other experiences and get  advice for our trip.  Friday, our friends, Bob and Connie, from Tiverton, drove down to us from Zephyrhills.  We had a nice visit out for lunch with them.  They introduced us to Raspberry Sweet Tea, a yummy popular Florida drink.  They have a really nice Farmer’s Market, on the bus route, near the beach, on Saturday morning.  We saw a lot of different items that you wouldn’t find in a market back home, such as a large variety of orchids, fresh citrus fruit, and articles woven from palm fronds.  There was also the usual fresh produce and items that we would find at home.  

Sunday morning we left for Stuart to meet up with our friends, Vic and Wendy, from Port Elgin.  As we got near to the St. Lucie River, boat traffic was a lot heavier.  The large mega yachts seem to show absolutely no regard for smaller boats.  One boat’s 4 foot bow wave knocked us right out of the channel!  Fortunately, we didn’t go aground.  Until we get at least south of Miami, we probably won’t travel on the weekends.  Eight miles up the river, 2 bridges later, we arrived at Sunset Bay Marina & Anchorage in Stuart.  Dave got a surprise when he radioed into the marina and Odyssey responded (Vic).  Vic and Wendy were there to greet us and help tie up, when we arrived at the dock, along with their friends, Dan and Cherie.  We enjoyed visiting with them all.  

The Mooring field at Titusville as we left Monday morning

Spanish Moss and plants growing on a Live Oak
really neat to see

View from our mooring ball in Vero Beach Marina

Live Oaks covered in Spanish Moss formed a tunnel all
down the street in Vero Beach 

Sunset Bay Marina, Stuart, Florida

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