Friday, 17 August 2012

The Start

Aug. 14, 2012

Our trip started with Deb & Frank bringing us down to the boat & staying for a short visit.  Five minutes later our friends, Bill & Judy dropped in to say goodbye.  Our “G dock” friends surprised us with a signed flag & champagne.  
Early Mon. morning Bob & Sally were up & waved us off as we headed for Goderich.  Long day on the lake - 12 hours!  Deb & Frank surprised us when we docked in Goderich.  
The winds were on our nose, the next day so we decided to do a short run to Bayfield.  
Then to Sarnia where we went aground trying to go into the marina.  Our Tow Boat U.S. membership has now paid for itself!  
Pouring rain as we travelled down the St. Clair River & continued across Lake St. Clair to Windsor.  The current gave us an extra 2 knots.  
Friday we motored down the Detroit River to the north end of Bois Blanc Island.  We anchored 2 nights there to wait out high wind warnings & water spouts on Lake Erie.  
Left early Sun. to Scudder Bay Marina on Pelee Island.  Arrived early in the afternoon & went on a winery tour with new friends that we met at the harbour.  

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