Sunday, 26 August 2012

August 20,2012

Mon. morning we motored to Erieau & tried to anchor in Rondeau Bay.  The weeds were so thick that the depth sounder wouldn’t give a correct reading so we went to Erieau Marina & got a slip.  Didn’t leave until 10 am. because of thunder early in the morning.  The rain ended shortly after we left Erieau.  

We arrived in Port Stanley at 5:45 pm. & anchored just inside the breakwall.  Decided to spend the next day getting groceries & looking for a float switch.  We found a coffeeshop where we could get internet.  Received email that Cee Jem would arrive in the afternoon.  Met up with them at Kettle Creek Marina after supper.  We stayed over an extra night due to wind conditions between us & Port Dover.  Wind did not pick up until about 9:30 at night, gusting between 19 & 29 knots!  We had a second anchor out but still couldn’t sleep.  We decided to spend the next day & night at Kettle Creek Marina & get caught up on things.  Called Anna, a neighbour from when we lived in Port Dover.   We went out to lunch with her & then back to the boat & visited the rest of the afternoon.   

We were up time to get the 6:30 am. bridge in Port Stanley & arrived in Port Dover at 6 pm.  Our friend Rick gave us a ride to Knechtel’s for a perch dinner.  Next day we we saw friends - Teresa & Gary in the morning, our daughter Laura & Jonathon for lunch at the Erie Beach (another great perch dinner), & Paula in the evening.  It was great seeing old friends & Laura & Jonathon taking us to the grocery store.  We got ready to leave for Port Colborne the next morning. 

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